Thursday, March 24, 2011

                                        My team is power full boys
My team P.F.B . P.F.B is my team's small name. Full form is POWER FULL BOYS this team members  I am,Akshay dev,Rahul,Kiran,Appu
  And the my team members give it a diary that dairies is team dairy this dairy is secret. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

`The months

January brings the snow and hot
February come in the rain
March brings sweat with sun shine
April brings the school shut months and plays it
May brings coming in the freeze
June brings the school open months and learns   
July brings the flowers and come back the rain
August brings the onam 10 dates play it
In September all kinds of flowers
Fills in nature October thunder and light hinge with rain of thulavarsha
In November brings small wind in freeze
Cool in December brings freeze and drinking the hot coffee


                 tIcf¯nsâ ZpxJw
tIcf¯n³ `q]Sw
     Hcp hyZv[X³,
XebW t]mse aeIfpsS
           apIfn Xe Nmbv¨p InS¡p¶p.
NqSpsIm­v Ad_nISen ImenSp¶p.
Ad_nISen Imen«t¸mÄ
          XWp¸vsIm­v ]¨ ]pX¸v aqSp¶p.
]¨t¸msS \n¡p¶ achpw, sNSnbpw
                    AXntesd sX§pIfpw
BfpIfpsS ZpxjvS {]hÀ¯nbmw
              tIcf¯n³ ]pX¸v Iodp¶X³
tIcf¯n³ ]pX¸n hkn¡p¶
               BZnhmknbpw ayK§fpw ]£nbpw
tIcf¯n³ ]pX¸v Iodnbm AhscÃmw
                               FhnsS t]mhpw?
             F¶XmsWsâ tIcf¯n³ ZpxJw.     

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My pets

Roky   Roky,Ikku,Akku,Kitty  This pets my favorite           


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I woke up early in the morning. This day deepavaly is holyday. This day I went to leelama teacher’s home. The CD gave to sreeja chachi. We discussed about blog. After some fine are reached our house. Dad not reached yet. He has at palakkad to see chinchathi.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

About me

My name is Suhaib my friends is Akshay Dev,Kiran,Sanjay,Sarath,Uthaman,Appu My team is name ``By the people". My house name ibu. My father name Musthafa job is engineer my mother name is Bushara job is teacher. I am study 6-A my school C.P.N.UP.S VATTAMKULAM. My sisters Thasni,Roshni
Roshni study M.B.B.S Thasni study civil engineer.My house is at kokkad. My favorite subject is SCIENCE.
I am running a library among my friends.